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 The Bible often mentions Lebanese cedars. The oldest of these giants reach the age of about 3000 years. Today, Lebanese cedar has survived only high in the mountains. There are only 6 small cedar groves. The most famous of them is called "CEDARES". Despite the fact that these trees have been protected since ancient times, their barbaric felling took place regularly. This, as well as the constantly deteriorating ecology, leads to the gradual extinction of the Lebanese giants. But where the Lebanese cedars are still alive, the air is amazingly clean and transparent!

In Russia, cedar is the national pride of the Russian people and has long been considered a noble and mighty tree that carries the beauty and strength of Siberian health. The homeland of the Russian cedar is the endless Siberian expanses, where these majestic trees grow to the present time, which can reach the age of 2,000 years.    But in Russia cedar forests were cut down on a huge scale and sent by endless echelons, for example, to China. To do this, often arranged arson to specifically teach these huge taiga territory, as being suitable only for cutting.    In fact, those Siberian cedars, which we call cedar - cedar are not. Speaking of Siberian cedars, we are actually talking about "Pine Siberian cedars" - *** Pinus sibirica ***!    Pine nuts - the seeds of this noble tree are of particular value. Their nutritional and taste qualities are very high, and the products obtained from nuts in terms of caloric content, digestibility and other indicators are superior to those of animal origin.    It has now been established that oil from pine nuts, in terms of its energy and biological value, surpasses all known vegetable oils, contributes to the preservation of human performance for many years, increases the duration of productive life, and improves blood composition.

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