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Cedar - an analog of the human body?!!!

Pine Nuts

The composition of cedar oil proteins includes 19 amino acids, 70% of which are irreplaceable. The vitamin content of the oil promotes the growth of the human body (vitamin A). Normalize the activity of the nervous system, improve blood composition and have a beneficial effect on skin tissue (vitamins B and D). Very rich in oil is vitamin E ("tocopherol" - from the Greek "carry offspring"). Studies have shown that sable can not give offspring if there is no pine nut in its diet. Very rich in oil is vitamin P - it is three times more in oil than in the preparation "Vitamin R" made on the basis of fish oil. Vitamin P - are essential fatty acids that help reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevent the formation of "plaques" on the walls of blood vessels.

However, the main "surprise" of cedar oil was that in its chemical composition it corresponds to human citations! Citamins are a new class of drugs representing biologically active food additives, which are balanced complexes of biologically active substances of directed (organotropic) action, isolated from animal tissues, including physiological concentrations of minerals, trace elements and vitamins in an easily digestible form.

As a result, 25-year (1971 -. 1996gg) scientific and clinical studies conducted by Saint - Petersburg Institute of Bio-regulation and Gerontology, a method was developed for the integrated prevention of age pathology, slowing the aging process and increase life expectancy, including correction of homeostasis through the use of peptide bioregulators.

Not being proper medicinal substances - peptide bioregulators, cytamines have a powerful healing potential of the latter. An important feature of therapy with citamins is the fact that the recovery of the organism occurs at the level of DNA and RNA cells. It should be noted that according to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), peptide drugs are recognized as a medicine of the XXI century, and in publications published in the popular scientific literature, cytamines have been dubbed "pills from old age".

Thus, the similarity of the chemical composition of cedar oil with citations suggests that in the plant world, cedar is, as it were, analogous to the organism of animals, including humans. The same cedar oil can be considered as plant-derived cytamines. In this situation it becomes clear why the cedar has been a symbol of health and longevity since ancient times, and its healing properties are so high.

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