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Organic Russian Siberian Tea, Premium Quality, 100gr/3.5oz ziplock pack by Siberian Green Food

Herbal Russian tea based on Ivan tea with petals of natural calendula and sea buckthorn. Siberian organic, wild tea. Ingredients: Ivan tea, calendula flowers, sea buckthorn fruits. All connoisseurs of blended tea prefer leaf Ivan tea, because its main advantages are its mild taste and delicate aroma. The correct fermentation guarantees excellent taste and healthy qualities. Ideal for a long pleasant tea party with family and friends. Tea that does not contain any harmful additives and includes environmentally friendly herbs. Invariably natural composition, the main component of the drink is exactly Ivan tea.
Daily use of herbal tea will fill you with vital energy and provide a good mood for the whole day. Herbal blends based on Ivan Tea is not a tribute to fashion, but the observance of the original Russian traditions that our company successfully revives, giving its customers real Siberian well-being.
We specialize in the wholesale of tea with different flavors. The experience and high qualifications of our specialists allow the company to regularly expand the range, constantly offering the latest news.

Sea buckthorn - Organic Russian Siberian Tea, Premium Quality, 100gr/3.5oz

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