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About the product
  • Ivan Chai (Tea)  has unique and distinctive taste of caramel notes. Tea has similar aroma of the fresh forest or flowery meadows.
  • Our Ivan tea is collected exclusively by hand in Siberia, in the catchment area of Lake Baikal, which is under special protection of ecologists. Our Ivan Tea fermented according to our original recipe.
  • During second brewing Blooming Sally tea has same power of taste , same bright and strength taste. Lovers of Ivan chai could brew it for several times without losing of taste.
  • All of connoisseurs prefer precisely leafy Ivan-tea, because its main advantages are soft taste and delicate aroma. The correctness of the fermentation guarantees excellent taste and healthy qualities. Ideal for long pleasant teatime with family and friends.
  • Said that brewed Ivan chai could calm nerves and help organism to get renewed.

Ivan Tea - Organic Russian Siberian Tea, Premium Quality

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  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of this product, simply email us and we will return your money back immediately, without delay.

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