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Oil of Siberian cedar in the old days was called a remedy for 100 diseases. Its healing properties are recognized not only by folk, but also by official medicine.

The second name of cedar oil is a cure for a hundred diseases. It is said about it: cedar oil can replace any other oil, both in food and in external application, and its itself can not be replaced by any other equivalent. No wonder the pine nut has long been considered one of the main values of the taiga. Despite the development of medicine in the capital city, it continued to be widely used in many Russian provinces.

Already in the 16th century, during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, Russia exported about 300,000 poods of cedar oil every year (which is almost 50,000 centners). Europeans have always been happy to pay for this unique product, because, up to today, it can not be faked with synthetic substitutes or reproduced in any other way.

However, not only the fruits of cedar with their oil are of great value, but its wood itself is very beautiful and convenient in processing. Therefore, many cedar trees were cut down. Fortunately, a lot of it is preserved in the taiga from the Urals and to the Far East, and today cedar oil can be considered a Siberian delicacy, which is appreciated all over the world.


Obtaining cedar oil in industrial volumes has been known for a long time. So, in Russia in the XIX century. At all fairs and in the shopping arcade it was possible to buy cedar oil. The oil was produced by home handicraft methods. This oil had natural high healing properties. To obtain butter, the nuts were dried, sorted, and cleaned from the shell. This was done manually.

The kernels of the nut were pounded in wooden stupas until a mushy mass was obtained, which was transferred to a copper vat, bricked over. At the top of the tank was a drain for oil, and inside - a wooden mixer was placed, driven manually. After heating the mass in a vat, hot water was added to it and agitated with a stirrer. The oil rose upwards and flowed through the drain gutter into the prepared special dishes.


Here I will tell you how we make our kemaslo.

It is necessary to think about how it will turn out in the cedar forest. The cones are suitable only to those that the Cedar himself gave. The wind easily throws off the fruits of buttery maturity from the branches. This is important if we need to get the oil of the highest healing power. That's why we go around many hectares with bodies and sacks, collecting only padanku. Help friends living in the cedar groves, notifying us about where the active shishkad, caused by hurricane winds, passed. For us, it's luck.

To break (with a wooden hammer) and clean 1 kg of pine nuts, an experienced co-worker will spend a full working day. From this kilogram it will be approximately 360 grams of core. From this quantity of nuts it will be possible to squeeze 120 -140 ml of oil. The yield depends on the state of the nut, the design of the press and the experience of the butterfish. These figures are not from the ceiling: our production exists since 1998.

That is, if you calculate that for cleaning the walnut oil will spend 20 - 22 working days and 1 day for spinning, then you get 2400-3100 ml. When will you estimate the month of painstaking static work? And in order to objectively represent the real loads of the horseman, try cleaning at least half a glass of pine nuts, and you will realize that this work can only be performed by special people who can sit in working meditation for 8 hours. Calculating the approximate cost price of cedar oil made by hand, add to the collection of cones, its processing (from which the nuts still need to be removed), transportation costs, natural drying, storage, packaging of the finished product, the cost of packaging and labels. A depreciation of equipment (wooden plaques, for example, from time to time to change it is necessary) and other costs, which in business are called overhead.

Yes, our oil is one of the most expensive, but people not only eat it, but do not fear and stare into the eyes, getting rid of cataracts, healing the retina of the eye from scars, including post-operative ... It is known that oil can not be dripped into the eye. Any ophthalmologist, if he learns of this practice, very loudly scolds. And it will certainly be right. Do not experiment with oils that you do not know how to manufacture. Our oil is made in hand, the walnut collapses with a wooden hammer and is pressed out on presses with wooden working surfaces (plaques of birch, cedar, oak). That is, throughout the whole technological cycle, the nuts were not met with the metal. This means that the nucleoli were not oxidized. Unsaturated fatty acids remained unscathed. In contact with the metal, they degrade, the oil molecule becomes heavier.

The desire to make a product filled with living natural energy inspires us to cedar exploits))) Compliance with such difficult conditions, as mentioned above, ensures maximum preservation of energy - information properties of the product. And the expiration date, among other things, significantly increases, despite the fact that this oil is cold pressed.


Cedar oil is recommended to include in the daily diet for people working in hazardous industries and living in environmentally unfavorable areas, due to linoleic acid, oil neutralizes poisons and toxins.

Has a positive effect as an auxiliary in the treatment of gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystida, erosive and ulcerative diseases of the stomach and duodenum;

Has a tonic effect (restores the strength of people who have undergone cavitary operations, severe physical and psychological stress, nervous stress);

It improves blood, promotes the growth of hemoglobin;

Regulates lipid metabolism; It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood;

Promotes the growth of the child's body;

Beneficial effect on skin tissue, in cosmetology is used to moisturize and nourish the skin, restores its elasticity and slows down the aging process;

It acts as an agent for sunburn, protecting the skin from drying, protect against adverse effects of ultraviolet rays;

You can add in the pastry and use for salads to give a better taste.

Cedar oil is recommended to include in the daily diet for people working in hazardous industries and living in environmentally unfavorable areas, due to linoleic acid, oil neutralizes poisons and toxins.

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